Using a modified painting technique that includes elements dating back to the 17th century, James Gillick handcrafts all the materials he uses within his studio, from the oil paints, waxes and glues, to the varnishes, canvases and stretchers, ensuring his involvement in the whole process of creating a work of art. He deliberately uses a limited palette, having prepared the oils from the purest pigments. This palette gives his paintings richness and makes them distinctively recognisable as his. Most significantly, it makes a longer lasting painting.


Light remains fundamental to Gillick’s paintings, having first been drawn to ‘the extraordinary power of light in darkness’ as a child when he helped his father building theatre sets. Using lamps and spotlights in the theatre lighting box, Gillick discovered from an early age how light can enrich an object’s significance. He continues to demonstrate this formative experience in the dramatic handling of light in his works.


Alongside James' original paintings, painted reprises of the original are also available. The reprise differs slightly but is recognisable from the original painting and is painted by the artist. It is slightly easier for the artist to complete, having already conceived of the idea, so is priced substantially lower than the price of the original. The reprise like the original is signed with the artist's monogram. The original however is distinguished by its own unique label.


James Gillick (b.1972, Norfolk) lives in Lincolnshire. Notable commissions include His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Rt. Hon. Baroness Thatcher and the Very Rev. M. Couve de Murville, Archbishop of Birmingham.