Jeannie Kinsler’s work is drawn from and informed by the spaces she lives in and the people she shares her life and spaces with, the objects are the ordinary and the treasured antique, the natural and the found. There are layers - of material and meaning - keenly observed with an exacting eye. Tender and intimate views of a particular life where light is always key. The light and shadows dissolve and connect the forms, the often used aerial perspective adding a contemporary feel. Jeannie’s work focuses on still life and the human form, in each discipline compositions are carefully balanced and fleeting moments are captured.


Jeannie Kinsler was born in 1963 in England and was raised and schooled in Zimbabwe and then South Africa. She studied Graphic Design at the then Natal Technikon and later studied painting in oils at the studio of Pascale Chandler. Jeannie returned to live in the UK in 2019 and works from her studio at home just outside London.