Born in 1964 in Schio, Italy, Marzio Tamer lives and works in Milan. A self-taught painter, he has always been drawn to nature, taking inspiration from the natural landscape and its animal inhabitants. Combining technical virtuosity with a poetic sensibility, his paintings are born of meticulous study of his subjects’ physiognomy, and characterised by an elegant simplicity and focus on composition. Using a restricted palette of few colours, he isolates his subject against the canvas, creating a ‘suspended background’ which despite its emptiness economically communicates a unique sense of space and atmosphere.  Rarely replicating a subject or composition, he masterfully works across several media, including egg tempera, watercolour, and oil.

His work is in the collection of the Denver Art Museum, USA, and has been exhibited in museums in both Europe and the USA. In 2016 he was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition Nature: The Art of Marzio Tamer at the Science Museum, Trento, Italy, and in 2017 at the Natural History Museum, Milan.