David Grossmann: Transitions

In June 2020 Jonathan Cooper will be holding the gallery’s second solo show with David Grossmann, whose landscapes are instantly recognisable: a quiet world in which deer and woodland birds calmly cross our field of vision, seemingly undisturbed by the presence of the viewer or artist.


Nature is a crucial source of inspiration to Grossmann, who feels most at peace and connected with the world when he is outdoors. Depicting forests and mountains, lakes and rich pastureland, Grossmann’s works are informed by his training as a plein air painter, and his practise of painting rapidly outdoors in Colorado and the western United States. Returning to the studio, Grossmann develops these observational sketches, combining and layering motifs in a distinctive style that leans towards abstraction, and this meditative process transforms the tranquil scenes that he depicts into an expression of emotion, and an evocative landscape of the mind.


The full exhibition will be viewable online at jonathancooper.co.uk.