Gavin Watson: Home Alone

Following the success of his first solo show with the gallery in 2015, in February 2017 Gavin Watson will be returning to Jonathan Cooper with Home Alone, an exhibition of over twenty new paintings.

Suffused with warmth, light, and the artist’s signature humour, these works portray the world from a dog’s-eye view, imagining just what occurs when we close the doors on our canine friends each day. Playfully referencing literary, artistic, and popular culture, Watson creates a unique cast of characters, from Pugs to Whippets, Jack Russells to Dalmatians, and takes us on a journey through a spectrum of emotions, from jealousy to joy, through melancholy, expectancy, and contentment. While dog-owners will particularly enjoy this heart-warming exhibition, Watson’s thoughtful exploration of our own relationship to hearth and home promises to enchant and delight all visitors to the show.