Kate Nessler remains at the forefront of Botanical Art, with her boldness of composition, dramatic use of space, and originality of subject matter.


Working in watercolour on vellum, Nessler’s subjects range from flowers in bloom to decaying plants, nests and twigs, highlighting her contrasted approach as she relates to light and dark, decay and renewal at different moments in time.


Constant throughout is the tentative balance between movement and grounding in her work. The subtle use of line and colour, and dramatic compositional spacing create a real sense of air and space between her subjects, as though they are suspended but ready to change or move at any moment.


Kate Nessler (b.1950) lives and works in Arkansas, USA. Her work is included in international permanent collections, including; Highgrove Florilegium Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, London, The Shirley Sherwood Collection, Kew, The Royal Horticulture Society, London, The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, and The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh, PA. Having trained at the Kendall School of Design, Michigan, USA, Nessler has gone on to win many awards including; three Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medals and the Award of Excellence for the Outstanding Botanical Artist at the American Society of Botanical Artists.