Rebecca Campbell has developed a highly imaginative pictorial language, taking influences from Indian Mughal miniatures, Persian textiles and medieval tapestries to create her own unique decorative style. The subjects of her paintings, birds, plants and animals are brought to life by her intense use of colour, delicate workmanship and strong sense of design.


Campbell ‘manipulates the picture plane and uses shallow space to deceive the eye’, enhancing the playful nature of her narratives. Her paintings create fantastical scenarios based on the beauty, architecture and decorative art of the east, rooted alongside references to her upbringing in Ireland and England.


Rebecca Campbell lives and works in South London. She trained at the City and Guilds of London Art School and in 2005 was awarded the ‘Discerning Eye - Chairman’s Purchaser Prize, Mall Galleries.’ As well as solo shows at Jonathan Cooper, Campbell has also exhibited in Mexico City, San Francisco, and Houston, Texas.