Announcing 'James Gillick - The Horse', an exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary in association with Jonathan Cooper

8th – 28th June 2016


In June 2016 Sladmore Contemporary will be hosting The Horse, an exhibition of new equestrian paintings and drawings by James Gillick. Focusing equally on Egyptian Arabians, Polo Ponies, and Thoroughbreds, in these works Gillick celebrates the spirit and perfection of the horse, and the centuries of dedication to strengthening and refining blood lines which have led to the development of these magnificent animals.

In a similar way, using ancient artistic techniques developed over many generations, Gillick works in the tradition of every artist who has had a fascination with and respect for this subject, from the first to depict the horse in ancient caves, through great British masters such as George Stubbs, to the present day. Mixing his paints from pure pigments that give his work an unmatched richness and luminosity, he prepares every element of his paintings by hand, using the finest materials to ensure their longevity. Meticulously researched in both the UK and Middle East, the exhibition will include paintings in oil on linen and copper and works on hand prepared paper in chalk and silverpoint, a rare medium chosen for its fineness and ability to subtly portray the elegance and power of the horse in movement or at rest.

March 29, 2016