Nicholas Turner: Periscope: ONLINE EXHIBITION

'Periscope', a new show by British contemporary painter Nicholas Turner RWA, will be on view from July 12, 2021. The exhibition's title reflects Turner's approach to painting: As an instrument for observation looking over, around or through objects, the artist observes his surroundings while not being seen.


'I choose real situations and landscapes to observe, popping my head up and searching around, to then retreat below to digest these glimpses and information seen; 'below' being my further exploration of these seen images in the studio.'


'This collection of paintings encompasses ongoing developments of representations reflecting my interest in land, sea and themes of still life, often juxtaposed with real images from the outside world. Many are fuelled by sights and experiences from painting trips to the Cornish and other rugged coasts, particularly those that still have elements of their indigenous industries like fishing, mining, and quarrying. The works developed back in the studio bring together sensations experienced to formulate an image, not necessarily site-specific, but rather a number of places seen, felt and re-imagined.'


Nicholas Turner, 2021


Nicholas Turner RWA (b.1972, London) lives in Monmouthshire, Wales. After a Foundation Course in Art and Design in Bristol, Nicholas achieved a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from UWE Bristol and in 2003 was elected an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy, serving on its governing council. He has exhibited widely, and his work is held in public collections including the Royal Collection, the RWA Permanent Collection, the Talboys Bequest RWA, and numerous private collections across the UK, Japan, USA, Italy and Israel.